Customer Service

1.  “It’s a pleasure doing business with you (Michele Norton) and your company!”  James Hofford, President of Republic Contractors 

2.  “I’ve recently been working with you (Dennis Hildebrandt) and the office staff on a flooring project.  During this time I had to contact Kristin and Jennifer in the office.  I want you to know that they were wonderful.  They were very eager to help and were very professional.  I know that I couldn’t have provided the information to my customer in a timely fashion without the 2 of them.  I ask that you not only share this with them, but everyone with your company. ”  Jason Veselack of Choctaw-Kaul Distribution Company

3.  “Just wanted to tip my hat to you (Tom Norton) and your company.  I think you have a wonderful company and make a fantastic product.  We get calls and orders for Turtle Tile every week and its reassuring to get fax confirmation from Liba for every order.  Its the little things…”  Jon Blumberg from Eagle Mat and Floor Products, Rockville, MD


Composite Lumber

1.  “We are interested in both profiles, we do work on large Turbines and would use 4″x4″ under the smaller components to keep it off the floor and then we would use the interlocking type to build box cribbing for heavier parts that need to be higher off the floor to work.  We used your cribbing at one of our other facilities in Wisconsin.  It is light weight, lasts a long time and is better than wood.”  Rick Meehan of Dominion Nuclear CT Millstone Power Station